Our business is caring for yours

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We all need a break sometime.

Bundle cares about you and your family in this time of care crisis.

Through our virtual Bundle Break (B2), we are offering working parents time to get things done while their children engage in science, engineering, culture, and wellness experiences with our Bundlist experience providers.   

Deliver light bulb moments

In a Bundle Break, a trained Bundle experience provider, a Bundlist, will virtually engage with your child and provide them an interactive learning experience in one of our STEAM-H care learning areas.


We have two levels for our young explorers and will deliver age-appropriate engagement. The Breaks are for children 6-11 years of age and are up to 1 hour. All materials used to provide tactile learning moments are typically available in your home.





B2 Unplugged: How does it work?

Bundle believes in paying it forward. In this time of national crisis, we are waiving our subscription fees and offering parents one B2 experience at NO COST to you. 

Let us engage your children in thoughtful and interactive care experiences that last because our business is caring for yours no matter what the circumstance.

We do not sell any of your family's data to anyone. Not 3rd party ad providers or other data aggregation entities. We respect your privacy.