Our business is caring for yours

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Our business is caring for yours.

Offer a premium, at-home child care advantage that makes a business difference.

The care benefit your company needs

Empower your employees to thrive. Provide them trusted, personalized care solutions.

3.4x Return on Investment

How much PRODUCTIVITY can increase with care benefits. 

30% Reduction in Absenteeism

Care services can reduce employee ABSENTEEISM caused by child care challenges

90% Retention in Talent

Percent of employees more likely to STAY at a company with care benefits.

The Bundle Solution

Cutting-edge, trusted and engaged care solutions that make a difference when its needed most.

  • Pre-vetted and highly educated care providers

  • Extensive and comprehensive screening process

  • Concierge, personalized service to meet specific needs

  • Dedicated pool of caregivers for your employees

  • Enhanced engagement and community

  • Subsidized by employers

The cost of not having a care benefit.

68% - the percent of working families that had NEGATIVE IMPACTS on their career due to care considerations.