Our business is caring for yours

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Why use Bundle?

We are a high-touch concierge service that empowers employees to thrive at work while feeling confident their children are receiving high-quality care. Our service makes employers more attractive to new recruits and increases employee retention. We give employees peace of mind that their loved ones are in excellent care; reducing absenteeism and improving engagement, productivity, and morale!


How do you find your caregivers?

Our caregivers are all professionals with backgrounds in medicine, healthcare, education, and child care. We also work with top agencies who meet our high-quality criteria for assessing and on-boarding candidates.


How do you do your background checks?

We shy away from only performing authentication and basic background checks unlike other business care providers. We do continual and comprehensive State and Federal background checks, including a Criminal Records Check (SSN trace, Sex Offender Search, Federal and County criminal records search), Motor Vehicle Records Check, and a CORI check for Massachusetts only.

How soon can a caregiver be available?

If requested morning of, we guarantee a caregiver at your home in 3 hours or less. If you request the caregiver a day or more in advance, then we guarantee we will have someone available.

When are caregivers available?

Caregivers are generally available 8am - 8pm Monday-Friday. If care is needed outside of those hours, we have caregivers that are available.

What do you do with our employee data?

We only provide data analysis on employees’ engagement and ratings so you can know how successful we are. We do not sell you or your employees data to anyone. Not to 3rd party ad providers or other data aggregation entities. We respect your privacy and keep all of your information safe and secure.