It's About We, Not Me

The Bundle Break Lesson Plan.

TIP FOR BUNDLIST: Before the lesson, open up all links and images ahead of time. the lesson plan into two separate windows. Use one window for sharing, where you can also open up all necessary links, kindle books, and amazon music, in addition to the lesson plan. This way you will spend less time finding share windows, and can easily share content and images embedded in the lesson plan when needed. In the other window, use the lesson plan as   


NOTE FOR BUNDLIST: Please review the outline ahead of time an become familiar with the content. In the first few minutes of the B2, gauge which kinds of activities the child is most interested in (science, content/discussion, arts and crafts, music, book, etc.) and focus your attention in those areas. Make sure you give them time for what they like the most. If a child is losing interest, switch gears to a new activity by asking what they’d like to do next. Key words in this lesson plan are in bold to help guide you. 



In this care learning experience, you child will celebrate and learn how to support diversity as well as explore different traditions, cultures, and experiences that make up our diverse world today. They will learn how to be more inclusive minded and also learn terms and concepts that foster a growth mindset. They will complete fun and engaging activities to reinforce these learnings. 



2-cups Flour 

1-cup Salt 

1 - 1.5 cups of Water  

2 tbsp Vegetable Oil 

Food coloring – optional 

Paper towel in case of spill 


Bowl for mixing 

Construction paper (preferably a dark color) 

White crayon or colored pencil 


Magazine for collaging and/or stickers 

Glue stick 

Quick Lesson Outline 

Introduction: introduce yourself to the child and ask about themselves  

Start lesson: introduce idea of culture using song, introduce relevant terminology for Civil Rights 

Activity: clay pot 

Continue lesson: immigration and Ellis Island Tour 

Activity: Hamsa hands 

Activity: Mexican Music 

Closing: Book 



Begin the session by introducing yourself to the child and/or parent. Confirm the care experience that they signed up for and review the materials needed.   


Then start your session. To break the ice, ask the child their name, their age, and what their favorite thing to do is, favorite game or favorite class in school. (IDEA: Ask them what they are most excited about for this lesson—ask they what they are most excited to do in the break? Are they interested in using the flour? Do they like music? This is one way to see what you can focus on at first.) 

Explain that in this session participant will explore different traditions, cultures, and experiences, learn some terminology, and make some fun crafts. 



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